4 ingredients Spinach & Moringa Tortillas

4 ingredients spinach & moringa tortillas

Easy 4 ingredients Spinach and Moringa tortillas

Preparation time : 10 Mins / Cooking time : 20 Mins


  • one Package or a whole bunch of Spinach
  • 2 cups of whole wheat flour (can also use spelt or any type of flour)
  • 1/4 cup of water (the quantity can vary depending on how wet your spinach are).
  • 1 tbs of Moringa or if you use to the taste of Moringa go ahead and use 2 tbs.

Preparation :

Water sauter your spinach until they are tender. About 4-5 mins. Add them to the Blender with 1 or 2 tbs of water and mix until it is a pure.

Sautee your spinach

In a bowl, Mix your spinach puree with 1 cup of flour and the Moringa. After well mixed, add gradually the other cup of flour and reserve some if you feel it is not needed. Then you will judge if your Dough is good looking or if you need to add a little bit of water or a little bit of flour.

Cut your dough in 8 pieces. Use a rolling pin to roll 8 rounded shape tortilla. Cook them each side for about 2 mins, or until you see some brown spot on med/high heat. Depending on the pan you will cook them in you might have to use a little bit of vegetable oil. You can test the first one if it sticks, if not you don’t have to use oil, if yes, you know what to do. In other words, use oil!

Cut your Dough in 8 pieces
Rolle it in rounded shape

When one is done cooking, stack it on top of the last one you cook. This will give them some humidity and they will be easier to garnish. In other words, they won’t crack!


Garnish your super healthy green tortillas with anything you like. However, try to keep it healthy! hihi! In the top the picture, I garnished them with grilled veggies (red, yellow and green peppers, grilled garlic powder cauliflower, corn, black bean, and salsa. And I topped the whole thing with my version of a vegan sour cream (veganaise, lemon juice, and cucumbers). We also added spicy sauce before we dug in, we love the kick!

In conclusion, they were delicious, the whole family loves them. Even the kids!

Let me know how your healthy tacos night went, and what did you garnish them with!;)

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Celery Juice Detox


I have been Drinking celery Juice every morning on an empty stomach for 7 days now. And this is what I feel after 7 days and what I think of it.

First, know that according to Antony William, The Medical Medium, who by the way is NOT a doctor, you should drink 16 oz of Celery Juice every morning on an empty stomach to cleanse your liver of all toxins. And it could also cure you of many many other illnesses. In other words, it is supposed to be a miracle worker this celery juice! haha!

Health Benifits of celery juice:

celery juice Detox

My Experience:

After reading all of the benefits, you might be ready to go out and purchase your 10lbs of organic celery, but hear me out… 

After a full week of chugging this green juice first thing in the morning on a empty stomach, I didn’t notice ONE SINGLE DIFFERENCE!

No major detox symptoms, no cleansing effects, no decrease in bloating, no increase in energy.

I truly believe that celery is awesome but as a part of a whole plant-based diet. it’s full of vitamin K, vitamin Cpotassiumfolatemanganese, calciumriboflavinmagnesium, and vitamin B6. And you should, add celery to any dish you make or have it with hummus for a snack it will do you good. But as far as changing your life, I am not sure of it. And, it will definitely not compensate for a bad diet. But, you should try it, and see for yourself.

Try it out yourself:

If you want to try this trend for healing and improving your health (or you’re simply curious like I was), follow this routine:

16 ounces of Celery Juice with nothing else in it. Not even wather or ice.

Drink it on a empty stomach.

Wait at least 15 mins after drinking your celery juice to consume any other liquid or food.

Don’t replace you breakfast by the celery juice it is not a juice fast.

In conclusion, If you do decide to give it a go and try it, please Comment below this article let me know how you feel!

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Healthy Nancy

Survive the weekend while eating Healthy

5 Steps to survive the weekend while eating healthy… most of the time! Let’s be real!

Alright, Guys, The weekend is here! Don’t Panic. Breath and take some of these easy steps to help you go through it.

1. Plan in advance

Go grocery shopping before the weekend so you have all the healthy snack you need right at home. so for instance, if you are craving something salty while watching a movie you have other alternatives in your pantry then let’s say.. chips. See 10 healthy snacks Ideas

2. Calculate your alcohol consumption. (if you drink of course)

Mmm Red Wine! just a little and you will be fine to Survive the weekend.

I know, I know it’s hard. Personally, I find it the easiest to just eliminate the alcohol but I know it’s not everybody’s reality. What I would suggest is to figure out what you usually drink in a night out and focus on counting your drinks, not to exceed half of what you usually drink. In other words, slash it in half. Trust me when you focus on counting your drinks there’s a good chance you won’t overdo it

more info on alcohol consumption

3. Eating out, start with the BIG salad!

THE BIG SALAD, soo Healthy.

Hey, it’s Saturday night don’t over think it too much…lol! But there’s a twist, whatever you order as a main course order the big salad first. That way you can indulge after. but first, you will make sure to get all of your Alkalines greens in you to pave the way before you send more aggressive food in. Therefore, you will eat less of the “bad” food and at the same time get your nutrients.

4. Plan to excersice.

any exercise is good and will help you Survive the weekend while eating Healthy

Plan at least one exercise or physical activity during your weekend. This is proven to motivate you to stay on track. You are most likely to stay in a healthy mode if you have been sweating for an hour at the gym. Think about it, you will most likely run towards a healthy snack than a bag of chips when you return from the gym. Your brain will likely want to keep that feel good high you have created while exercising. 10 Ways to Exercise as a Family

5. Don’t stress cut the portions!

Final point, don’t stress it. Take it as it comes and do indulge in some none healthy food if you feel like it but at calculate paste. After all, Weight watchers are making a fortune with sizing peoples portions all year long. Their whole diet is based on it. Do indulge, but not too much and keep track of it.

One of the first Book I readed when I started my journey. The beauty DETOX solution.

On this, happy easter and Survive the weekend while eating Healthy!


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