Vegan Alfredo Dish, on the side plant milk brocoli cream

Vegan Alfredo with basil pasta, truffle oil saute mushroom and pine nuts

This Vegan Alfredo dish is a very simple recipe, again you cant interchange ingredients. But, be careful the tofu sauce needs to be sensibly the same.

Preparation : 10 mins, Cooking time : 4 – 10 mins (the pasta)


CREAMY SAUCE INGREDIENTS – These ingredients all go in the food processor.

See what it looks like in the food processor!

Will also need:

  • Pasta you love, I used the fresh basil one from IGA.
  • Mushrooms, that you can sauté separately in a pan with or without oil, I used Truffle olive oil that I brought back from Paris last summer.
  • Pine nut (roasted or fresh)
  • Fresh basil (just to make it pretty!)


Mix all the Alfredo sauce ingredients in the food processor or the Vitamix. If you use a food processor holds some of the plant milk to add while it is mixing. Remember to add more if the texture is not creamy enough. In the Vitamix, you can add everything.

Cook your pasta. Drain. In the same pan add the creamy sauce stir for 1 min so the sauce becomes hot. Add your mushrooms (if using) after plating and a bit of fresh basil.

This Vegan alfredo dish makes a fancy dinner you can make in a very short amount of time! Therefore you won’t need to spend all night cooking to feel like you are eating 5 stars!


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