No Meat grocery shopping is Cheaper!

the piggy or the money?

No Meat Grocery shopping is a much less expensive shopping cart. Not to say cheap!

Meat is expensive these days

The meat these days is a lot more expensive and its price will continue to inflate. The no meat alternative way to live is a trend and many people are starting to go with. In the meanwhile, This is directly linked to the Awakening people are having towards our way of living. And this is without talking about how polluting and cruel this animal sluther is.

it is more expensive to eat this cute little one than plants.

Cost of groceries

Alright, we are supposed to talk about grocery cost! I will try not to gross you out with all of these animal rights lessons. But just for today!

No meat shopping cart means more tofu. You don’t have to eat tofu but for the exercise, we will use tofu as a meat replacement. I have checked the weekly specials for the least expensive cut of meat in the past 3 months and it’s about 6.50$ /kilo. And that’s for fatty ground beef and ground pork. you are not eating any kind of steaks at 23$/kilo on the budget. Let’s say you buy 4 kilos/week that means about 26$ and all you have is a night of meat burger and a couple of meat macaroni.

Let’s compare

See what you can buy for 26$ of tofu at 1.99/pound that’s about 13 pounds of tofu (that’s about 6 kilos of tofu) and if you change your proteins for let’s say chickpeas 1 can is about .99 cents to a 1.59$ if you go organic! so with 26 cans of chickpeas, you could feed an army! In other words, you get much more for your dollar.

I will not go on and on about how much less expensive none animal proteins are. In conclusion, you already know! The point of this article is mainly to make you stop for a second and question your choices. Everybody knows that if we talk about paying less for something, most people are going to wonder. Therefore, this may impact some people’s choices. Most importantly save some lives! And remember that No meat grocery is less expensive!

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