Banana Breakfast Cookies

Banana Breakfast cookies

4 Ingredients Banana breakfast cookies.

Yes, I said cookies for breakfast! Also, they are super Healthy! You can keep them for 2-3 days on the counter in a closed container. But honestly, they will be gone before that. This is a recipe everybody I told about was real surprise about. Who knew that you could bake cookies with only 4 ingredients. And honestly, it was originally a 2 ingredients recipe that I tweak into a 4 ingredients banana cookies recipe to increase the flavor.

Don’t be afraid to make this recipe yours and change up the ingredients to your taste. The base recipe is bananas and rolled oat!;)

Preparation: 5 mins. / Cooking time: 25 mins.


2 old bananas (if you use more just adjust the other ingredients)

1 cup of oat (rolled oat is best and better for you)

1/4 cup of plant milk

1/4 cup of whole grain flour (any kind) this is just to make the batter thinker. You could also use more oat no problem!;)

Depending on the size of the bananas you might have to add more oat, or of course the opposite.

Also, Here are some other ingredients you could add if you have them of course.

Flax seeds
Chia seeds
Any kind of nuts
Coconut flakes
Xylitol or other sweeteners.
But keep in mind that xylitol is the best! use xylitol and for instance, you will cut your sugar consumption.

some info on why xylitol is a better choice of sweetener.


Mix all the ingredients together then place the little balls of equal quantity on a cooking tray. After that, cook for 25 min @ 375. But it could be a little bit less or more depending on your oven. I have a convection oven. You are better off checking them the first time. Because you certainly don’t want to overcook cookies!

Make at night, then you will have a healthy breakfast ready to go in the morning.

Enjoy and in conclusion don’t be afraid to modify this recipe as much as you would like. Therefore make it your own!

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