This is an easy and fast Quinoa & Kale salad, again very important ! For instance you can make this between 2 projects or when you come home late. It is also good for 3 days in the fridg so make a big batch. Therefore you will have lunchs for the rest of you busy week!

preparation total time 20 mins

Cooking 15-20 mins (the Quinoa)



Cook the quinoa until it’s ready (follow instruction on the bag) personnaly I like to saok it first so it’s less cooking time and healthier. *Don’t use the soaking wather to cook it! Next just cup up your kale (mix it with the lemon juice it will help to naturally brake it down). Add your cut up onion, grated carrots, grapes, pine nuts (or other seeds) mix with the quinoa and the vinaigrette and serve.

It is always better to wait an hour or two before eating the kale salad. Therefore the salad becomes a bit more tender.

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